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Taco Bell's New Pineapple Freeze Is Begging To Be Spiked With Some Rum

Dole Whips have taken on a sort of cult status over the years, particularly at Disney Parks. I think people literally buy tickets just to experience the magic of the Dole Whip, and if you've done that, quietly raise your hand behind the screen. It's okay—shame does not exist here.

With Disney Parks still temporarily closed due to COVID-19, the closest thing you'll get to satisfying your Dole Whip craving is with Taco Bell's new Pineapple Freeze, and it's pretty darn close.

Taco Bell is getting the summer part started one month ahead of the summer solstice with their new Pineapple Freeze.

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Ohhhhh yeah. Starting today, you'll be able to order the tasty iced tropical beverage and launch yourself right into summer bliss.

The drink is made with a blended Pineapple Freeze base with a healthy pump of sweet vanilla cream.

Taco Bell

To pull the whole pineapple vibe together, it's topped with a green lid to represent the leaves of a pineapple.

Who knew a drink from Taco Bell could be so...adorable.

The best part? It's available for one whole dollar during Taco Bell's Happier Hour, which is *every day* from 2-5pm.

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During non-Happier Hour times, you can get the regular 16 oz. size for $2.39 and the large 20 oz. for only 20 cents more at $2.59.

People have really been enjoying it so far, noting that it tastes like a pineapple creamsicle.

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You know what that means? It could really use some rum...

Will you be giving the Pineapple Freeze a try? Let us know!