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Elizabeth Hurley Stuns In Her Famous Versace Dress From 21 Years Ago

Well, it's official. You can add Elizabeth Hurley to the shockingly long list of vampire-esque celebrities who do not know how to age!

I get that being rich and famous means you have easy access to all kinds of anti-aging methods, that most people don't. But this is just unfair.

Elizabeth recently shared a photo of herself wearing the same famous Versace dress she wore on the red carpet 21 years ago, and she still looks amazing in it!

You most likely recognize British actress, Elizabeth Hurley, from some of her famous roles from the '90s and early 2000s.

She has come to be best known for her part in Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Passenger 57, and Bedazzled.

However, she first stepped into Hollywood in 1987, making her screen debut for the film *Aria*.


After which, she became something of a '90s TV and movie sensation — a household name, if you will!

She famously dated Hugh Grant from 1987 to 2000.

After the pair split, she had a brief, non-exclusive relationship with American businessman, Steve Bing, who fathers her only child, Damien Hurley.

Fun fact: Damien has a star-studded list of god-parents, including Elton John and Hugh Grant.

And she, herself, is the god-parent of Victoria and David Beckham's sons, Brooklyn and Romeo.

Anyway, at her peak, Elizabeth had some very impressive accomplishments. All of which eventually led her to wear the famous Versace dress.

In 1999, she and Matthew McConaughey were nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Sexiest Love Scene in their shared film, *Edtv*.


In 1997 at the ShoWest Convention, she won Supporting Actress Of The Year, in 1998 she was nominated for Favorite Actress in a comedy for her role in Austin Powers, in 2001 she was nominated for an MTV Award for Best Dressed, in 2003 she was nominated for a DVD Premiere Award.

Despite having a long list of accomplishments, fans will never forget her appearance at the 1999 American Fashion Awards in New York, with her then-boyfriend, Hugh Grant.

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She wore a shimmery, purple, cowl-neck, Versace gown and it was iconic.

Fast-forward to earlier this week — 21 years since she first wore the dress — and she still looks just as stunning in it!

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The 54-year-old shared a photo of herself lounging in bed, holding her TV remote control, wearing the famous dress on Instagram two days ago.

"Just hanging at home watching tv for @harpersbazaarus in a @versace dress I wore 21 years ago to the #cfdaawards #lockdown #nineweekstomorrow," she captioned the photo.

Instagram | @elizabethhurley1

Tbh, I've never related to anything more. Quarantine has me playing dress-up and taking selfies daily.

Naturally, fans couldn't help but notice that she hasn't seemed to age a day since she last wore the dress, two decades ago.

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Everyone seems to be in agreement that she looks just as gorgeous now as she did in the '90s, and I have to agree!

Some fans were quick to point out that she doesn't look like she has aged a day.

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If I may be so bold, I think the dress might even look better on her now than it did back then!

Other people pointed out that there really is no better quarantine attire.

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If you're going to be trapped in your home for nine weeks and counting, best make it interesting and throw on a vintage Versace gown, amirite?

I am now convinced that she does not know how to age. If this isn't #Goals, I don't know what is!

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I will be truly amazed if I still fit into any of the clothes I currently own in 21 years. Elizabeth has set the bar very high for the rest of us!

Elizabeth has been quarantining in the UK with her son, Damien. But she has made it known on social media that she is missing pre-pandemic life — as most of us are, I imagine!

She previously shared this vacation throwback on Instagram, reminiscing on simpler times!

"No- I’m not in the Maldives, I’m weeding my rose beds in Blighty, but this was me in Feb (seems like a lifetime ago)," she wrote.

Thankfully, she made sure to clarify in the caption that this is an older photo — not to spark any backlash from her followers who may have assumed she had broken quarantine to go to the beach.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go do a home workout so that I can look as stunning as Elizabeth Hurley in 21 years!.

Let us know what you think of her latest Instagram post, showing off her 21-year-old, famous, purple, Versace dress in the comments below!