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Absolut's New Canned Cocktails For Summer Include A Berry Vodkarita

Things Absolut did: THAT.

Say goodbye to having to make your own Absolut cocktails. They've gone and done all the work for you, leaving you to kick back and enjoy a delicious drink — no mixing required. Score.

Absolut kinda sprung this one on us.

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They had very little fanfare for the launch — just one Instagram post, and nothing on their website.

These magical cans are truly hidden gems just waiting for you to scoop them up.

The vodka sodas come in 3 flavors.

And they're low-key unexpected, yet so fresh. There's raspberry and lemongrass, lime and cucumber, and grapefruit and rosemary.

I did not see lemongrass or rosemary coming, but I am not mad at it.

The cocktails also come in three flavors!

Okay, maybe I'm more hyped about these bad boys. We've got Grapefruit Paloma (aka grapefruit and lemon), Mango Mule (mango and ginger), and Berry Vodkarita (berry and citrus).

Yup, sign me up for Mango Mule.

They're available right frickin' now.

You can get them wherever liquor is sold. Or you can hit up their online store and order them via Drizly, which I definitely encourage you to do. Think smart, not hard.

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