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Aldi Is Selling A Container Specifically For Your Guac So It Doesn't Brown

Guacamole is a very important part of human existence, but unless you can eat the whole thing in one sitting (which is very easy to do, tbh) or are hosting a party (which we currently cannot do), then it's going to start getting brown and funky, which is absolutely no bueno.

However, Aldi is selling a container specifically for your guac so it doesn't do that.

BEHOLD: Crofton's Fresh Guacamole Keeper.

Instagram | @aldi.mademedoit

Instagrammer and Aldi aficionado @aldi.mademedoit found the containers at their local Aldi.

The container holds four cups of glorious guac, and its press seal supposedly keeps it nice and fresh as it squeezes all the excess air out of the container.

Aldi Reviewer

One Instagrammer was able to try it out, saying, "[I]t made the guac last longer for sure!"

Another noted that you really have to make sure you press the lid down evenly on all sides for it to work.

Well, isn't that the greatest news 2020 has seen so far?

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You can get it for $6.99, but it's an Aldi Find, so it won't be available for long!