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Carlsberg Is Developing Sustainable Paper Beer Bottles That Are Completely Recyclable

Sustainability has been a hot topic over the past decade. It's not that it didn't exist before, but most of the world just didn't quite understand what it was all about. Thankfully, now that it's on our radar, many of us have invested in a pack of reusable straws, reusable to-go cutlery sets, reusable bottles, and grocery totes.

However, there are some things we don't have control over when it comes to sustainability. If we want a drink from a store, we unfortunately have to sip the guilt attached to the plastic that will inevitably head to some sort of landfill if not recycled properly.

Corporations are beginning to think about how they contribute to waste, and how they can try and change that. Carlsberg is one of those companies, and it's pretty neat what they're cooking up.

Danish beer company Carlsberg is working on developing the first paper beer bottle.

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Since 2015, the company has worked with a host of technological firms and researchers to develop a prototype.

The bottle is made from wood fibers that are completely bio-based and recyclable.


You might be wondering how the beer won't make a soggy mess, ultimately breaking the bottle.

Well, Carlsberg was already on that. Currently, their two prototype bottles contain a thin plastic film for the inner barrier, one with recycled PET and the other with a 100% bio-based PEF.

Ultimately, they want it to be completely made without plastic when all is said and done.

Coca-Cola, L’Oréal, and Absolut are also joining forces with Carlsberg to create biodegradable paper bottles for their products and continue tor reduce their carbon footprints.


The bottles aren't ready yet, but this is great news, and we hope more corporations begin investing in similar initiatives!

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