Dad Who Grew Up Without A Father Starts YouTube Channel To Teach Basic Skills

Life is full of little skills that aren't necessarily taught in school. Learning these skills is basically a necessity, but there's no guarantee that someone will be there to teach them to you.

A YouTuber with a powerful story is aiming to change that — one clogged sink or flat tire at a time.

How do you tie a tie?

I know it isn't that hard, in a vacuum. But unless you're tying a tie every day, you probably need to look up a YouTube tutorial anytime you're dressing formally.

This dad gets it.

YouTube | Dad, How do I?

Rob Kenney runs the Dad, How do I? YouTube channel, where he demonstrates how to do all of the random things that one's dad might teach them how to do.

He's got you covered.

YouTube | Dad, How do I?

From tying a tie to fixing a flat, Rob covers all the bases. These are the kinds of things that aren't really necessary to know until you really need to know them.

His motivation is beautiful.

YouTube | Dad, How do I?

According to an interview, Rob was inspired to become a dad figure to his YouTube followers because he was lacking a proper father figure when he was growing up.

He saw dysfunction.

YouTube | Dad, How do I?

Rob's dad had custody, but never really wanted it.

“[Dad] said, ‘You know, I’m done having kids. … You’re going to have to figure out where these kids are going because otherwise I’m putting them in foster homes,’” Rob said.

It's been a real odyssey.

YouTube | Dad, How do I?

Rob explains that he and his brother eventually made peace with their dad. Along the way, Rob became a father himself. And, at some point, these factors coalesced into creating the Dad, How do I? YouTube channel.

The channel is getting rave reviews.

Twitter | @FaisalTreShah

In recent days, Rob's channel has exploded in popularity. Numerous Twitter users expressed their appreciation for the usefulness of his tips — as well as Rob's poignant family story.

He's paying it forward.

Twitter | @earthygissel

Rob's days of hands-on fatherhood are in the past. His two children are now adults and live on their own. But, through the magic of the internet, Rob has found new ways to dispense his fatherly wisdom.

He issued a heartfelt thanks to his followers.

YouTube | Dad, How do I?

While his page was successful before, it's surged in popularity in recent days. He's recently surpassed the one million followers mark on YouTube. To thank his followers, Rob sent out a touching thank you video.

It's just a great story.

YouTube | Dad, How do I?

So many YouTubers come off as vain or opportunistic, but Rob Kenney is just out here to help people. Let's hear it for his positivity!

h/t: YouTube | Dad, How do I?