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Journalist Soldiers Through Report As Her Cats Start Fighting In Hilarious Video

As many professionals find themselves working from home, they've become aware that when you meet with coworkers over services like Zoom and Google Meet, anything can happen.

And that goes double for anyone who makes their living by broadcasting because the more you find yourself speaking live from home, the easier it is for young children or pets to suddenly wander into your feed. It's a reality that both Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey are well-acquainted with by now.

But while their kids' interruptions can be said to have enhanced their interviews rather than taken away from them, one journalist in the Philippines was clearly distracted by what was going on in the full video.

Doris Bigornia is a reporter and anchor for ABS-CBN News based in Quezon City in the south of The Philippines.

YouTube | Nikki Bigornia

And as she listened to a lengthy comment from a woman she was interviewing, viewers could see her two cats interact in the background.

But while that may have only been obvious to the viewer at first, it quickly became distracting for Bigornia as well.

YouTube | Nikki Bigornia

That was because the cats' encounter almost immediately turned violent as the white cat named Bella swiped at the Bengal named Nala. From there, a chaotic fight broke out between them.

As this battle rages on, Bigornia can be seen repeatedly looking off to the side.

YouTube | Nikki Bigornia

Still, she doesn't say a word and if the person she was interviewing wasn't looking at her at that moment, she'd have no reason to think anything was going on.

Bigornia's daughter Nikki tweeted a clip of the fight with the caption "My cats have no chill."

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The clip has since received enough attention with 2.6 million views, 64,000 likes, and 16,000 retweets that Bigornia had her cats wave goodbye in the sign-off of another broadcast.

As you can see, they were totally enthusiastic about it.

And in case anyone was wondering, the cats eventually made up.

Facebook | Nikki Bigornia

Nikki posted a video to Facebook showing Bella and Nala cuddling while Bella licks the top of her buddy's head.

Their fight may have been funny, but this is nice to see, too.

And not to worry, the full video of the cats' little tiff is available right here.

As frantically as they seem to moving while this is going on, the cats manage to keep surprisingly quiet during the whole affair.