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Couple Creates Elaborate Backyard Photoshoot For Neighborhood Squirrels

One photographer has been passing the time in lockdown by creating amazingly elaborate sets on which he can photograph the myriad of cute squirrels that frequent his garden ⏤ with astounding results!

Everyone has been looking for ways to pass the time of late.

Unsplash | Paolo Nicolello

Across the globe, people who are stuck inside have been going to all manner of lengths to find ways to keep themselves busy and amused during this difficult time.

However, one photographer has outdone almost everyone!

Facebook | Daryl Granger

Photographer Daryl Granger owns and runs a photography studio called RoseLe Studio with his wife, Karen, in Ontario, Canada.

And, during their time spent stuck at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they decided to get creative!

Their project began when they realized how many squirrels they had in their garden.

Facebook | Daryl Granger

Due to the current state of affairs, Daryl obviously didn't have many human subjects to photograph, so squirrels would make perfect substitutes! And, if I'm honest, I'd rather see pictures of squirrels anyway!

"We spend a lot of time in the backyard and we noticed, 'gosh there's a lot of squirrels,' so we thought 'why not set up a photoshoot'," Granger told CBC.

The pair decided to make a little store for the local wildlife to frequent!

Facebook | Daryl Granger

Over the last few weeks, Daryl has spent his spare time making a variety of little sets for the local animals to pose on, one of the most popular being "Nutzy's Country Market".

"So we all know the time on our hands lately... I decided to make a squirrel set. Then I spent three and a half hours sitting outside this morning. I had squirrels and four jays [...] Covid-19 panic grocery shopping...yes, even the squirrels and birds!" Daryl wrote in a Facebook Post.

The local wildlife couldn't get enough of Daryl's mini mart!

Facebook | Daryl Granger

And neither could the internet! Daryl's wonderful collection of photographs has been shared hundreds of times across various social media platforms.

The couple hopes that their wonderful images will bring people a little joy at this time.

"Hoping this puts a little smile on your face!" Daryl wrote on Facebook. And it did!

The couple has now made a variety of delightful sets!

Facebook | Daryl Granger

Not being short of spare time at the moment, the couple has managed to craft a few different pieces for the beautiful creatures in their garden.

"The first one, we named it Nutzy's Country Market and we built all the wooden food bins and everything [...] The last one [we finished on Saturday] is a peanut butter factory, and I am working on one, a nut vault — so it will show the squirrels looking like they are trying to get into a bank vault filled with nuts," Granger went on to tell CBC.

The couple reckon that the animals have been telling their friends about the free grub!

Facebook | Daryl Granger

It would appear that it is not only people on the internet who have been sharing news of Daryl and his wife's little sets, as the couple thinks that the word must be spreading around the animal kingdom as well, as the sets are getting ever more popular!

"Since we put the nuts there, I'd swear they told their buddies to come, I'd say the total we have is about 10. You see them coming from all different directions. We feed them nuts, so of course they're going to come."

Hopefully, Daryl and his wife will keep us entertained with these amazing images throughout this troublesome time!

Facebook | Daryl Granger

So long as Daryl and his wife kee their little shop's shelves fully stocked it is hard to imagine that the animals will stop coming any time soon! And I for one cant wait to see what amazing pictures the couple manage to capture in the coming weeks!

h/t: CBC