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Britney Spears Reveals She 'Felt Like An Ugly Duckling' As A Child

You don't even have to look at Britney Spears to know that she's beautiful. She radiates it inside and out, whether that's through her personality, dancing, or music.

Yet, the 'Baby One More Time' singer just revealed something so surprising on Instagram: she felt like an "ugly duckling" as a child.

Um, say what?

Britney Spears may be the Queen of Pop, but she's also been the Queen of Instagram content lately.

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Just a few days ago, she celebrated the 20th anniversary of her record-breaking album "Oops!...I Did It Again."

The album came out on May 16, 2000.

"20 years since the Oops! album …. the anticipation and the butterflies. I felt before it came out were crazy …. all of my expectations were exceeded!!!!” she wrote on Instagram.

That wasn't the only cause for celebration.

On Tuesday, Rolling Stone released their list of "100 Greatest Debut Singles of All Time" and guess who came out on top?

Her single "...Baby One More Time," of course!

When it was released in 1999, no one could have known that it would go on to spend 32 weeks on the Hot 100, generate more than 285 million streams in the U.S., and became the fifth best-selling single by a female artist.

*Rolling Stone* also wrote a beautiful dedication to the singer:

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“In the great tradition of debut singles, it was a divisive statement that drew a line between past and future… with ‘…Baby One More Time’, this girl changed the sound of pop forever,” Rolling Stone wrote.

“It’s Britney, [expletive]. Nothing was ever the same.”

In a different Instagram post, Britney took fans on another blast from the past.

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When sharing a gorgeous selfie of herself on Tuesday, she wrote an essay dedicated to her bangs and what they've always meant to her.

Her story is guaranteed to break your heart.

"I know I need bangs," she began, along with some lauging emojis.

"Who would have thought bangs could make you look waaaaay younger ?!?!"

She had a form of the hairstyle in several of her music videos, including 'I'm a Slave 4 U,' 'Everytime,' and 'Toxic.'

"I stopped having bangs in the 3rd grade and I remember like it was yesterday .... it was such a big deal to expose my forehead."

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She went on to share something so surprising, given how naturally gorgeous she is:

"Only pretty people in the south could do that and I never felt pretty enough to pull it off."

Britney then shared that she felt like an "ugly duckling" as a kid.

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"All the beauty pageant girls did it but I never felt beauty pageants were my thing … I had bad teeth and felt like an ugly duckling."

Um, has she seen a mirror?

The *Toxic* singer continued:

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"I met with a modeling agency but I wasn’t pretty enough so I went home and said, "maybe I can be like the older girls and show my forehead !!!!" she wrote with another laughing emoji.

"I did and it looked sooooo bad but I thought I was gorgeous," she shared.

"I think I knew it didn’t look good but I did it because I thought it made me cool. And I’ve pretty much had it like that ever since !!!!"

She then shared how bangs are a way for her to protect herself.

"People choose different ways to protect themselves …. when I pull my bangs in front of my head I feel like I’m protected ... almost like I’m in 3rd grade again."

Britney's vulnerable post resonated with a lot of people.

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She also had a lot of comments from those who couldn't believe that Britney would ever consider herself an ugly duckling.

"You know you are Britney Spears right?" one wrote.

This is the general consensus:

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A lot of fans made it clear that the Queen of Pop looks gorgeous with or without bangs covering her face.

"Ma’ had bangs during the Baby One More Time era & it looked gorgeous. Don’t wanna hear it. You’re still gorgeous & look young with or without," this fan wrote.

She's even being called the Queen of Bangs!

Instagram | @britneyspears

People are also saying that the modeling agency that rejected her is kicking themselves now, because, duh, IT'S BRITNEY SPEARS and she's gorgeous.

If she thinks she's ugly, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Now that her forehead — and heart — are protected, we hope she feels safe and gorgeous!

Maybe enough to start making some new music?? Okay, that's wishful thinking, but tell us: what do you think of Britney's bangs?

Do you have some kind of ritual that makes you feel more protected? Let us know in the comments!