10+ Movies That Had The Most Perfect Endings

Movie endings can go so many different ways.

You might be left satisfied, in tears, or so angry that you just wasted two hours of your time.

On the other hand, there are some movie endings that are truly perfection. They leave you in awe over what you just watched.

Here are 10+ movies that had the most perfect endings.

Call Me By Your Name (2017)


"The first time I watched CMBYN, I actually wasn't even paying attention and was half-heartedly watching. But when I watched the ending, I literally started the movie again and watched it properly." - Redditor sesame_snapss

Inception (2010)

"The ending was instantly iconic. It still gives me so much anxiety, but it seems to pull it off to perfection. Cobb gets off the plane and goes to see his kids. He puts the top on the table and sees the backs of his kids' heads. He holds his breath because in the dreamworld, he can't see his kids (or his mind won't let him). His kids turn around, and you see their faces. I let out a sigh of relief. Cobb is actually with his kids. When everything seems all happy, the camera pans down to the spinning top. You freak out, thinking that he is still trapped in the dreamworld. Then the top starts toppling for a millisecond before the camera snaps to black." —tigresssss13

Whiplash (2014)


"The entire ending scene with Andrews performance, his father finally understanding how great of a drummer his son is, and Fletchers approval was a fantastic ending and it is definitely one that I still talk about." - Redditor Goggle_loss18

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

"Saw Infinity War opening night, and the audience was just stunned. Everyone sat there in complete silence for a minute, staring at the screen as if trying to will it to not be happening. Then a guy a few rows back goes "Wait, WHAT?" and everybody started talking all at once. Went from the quietest I've ever heard a theater to the loudest." - Redditor Asmin99

Parasite (2019)


"The ending is just gutting. When I first saw it, I thought for a split second that the dream sequence of him buying the house and his father walking up the stairs was real, and I actually got annoyed because it didn’t feel realistic for a movie that had been so tonally on point the entire time. And then the sequence ended, and he looks in the camera and says 'So long' to his father, and you realize, OF COURSE it isn’t real because he’ll never earn enough to buy that house...and that horrible, pessimistic feeling of reality sinks in. Brutal and brilliant." —elinorh

Pulp Fiction (1994)


"I just love how you come to realise how all those pieces of the story are connected, and while Jules and Vincent leaving the diner with that incredible good soundtrack, you know how at least one of their storys is going to end soon after, because you've already seen it." - Redditor LutraMartes

The Sixth Sense (1999)

"This movie was one of my favorite movie going experiences. First of all, I saw it by myself...jam packed theater...everyone into the movie and sitting on the edge of their seats. When the twist finally happens, the entire theater gasped as one. Just a giant kick in our collective balls." - Redditor hometimrunner

Logan (2017)


"His death and burial was one of the saddest but fitting endings to a character I've ever seen. Some people don't buy that laura accepted him as her father that fast but I buy it for one reason. They may have only been in each other's lives for one week but because they were practically the same person it wouldn't have taken that long to accept each other." - Redditor Panther1994

Carol (2015)

"After everything Therese and Carol had been through, when their eyes met across the crowded room, so much emotion passed through their eyes, and their small smiles promised so much. Neither one of them expected Therese to actually come, but she did, and it's a beautiful ending to a beautiful movie." —ultimatefangirl12

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)


"I mean really. Everything about this movie was amazing for me. That ending, with the score, the understanding between Deckard and K, and K finally finding his place in everything was great. Plus the final shot of Deckard was a fantastic way to end a film." - Redditor Goggle_loss18

Moonlight (2016)


"This one had an amazing ending. It left me in such an emotional state of mind. Chiron saying, 'You were the only man that ever touched me. I haven’t really touched anyone since,' brought tears to my eyes. And then baby Chiron on the beach, under the moonlight, looking at the camera was perfect. I’m emotional just typing it." —felipeschnurrg

The Dark Knight (2012)

"Batman and Gordon's conversation with Batman deciding to take the fall. Cutting to various characters showing them making their choices (Alfred burning Rachel's letter, Fox shutting down the sonar system, etc) as Batman speaks. Seeing Batman run off into the night as Gordon's child asks his father why Batman must run away for doing nothing wrong, and Gordon's amazing response/speech over top of Batman making his escape and riding off into the night on the Batpod as the music swells." - Redditor dia5set

Se7en (1995)


"This has the most amazing ending, bar none. Brad Pitt screaming, 'What’s in the box?!' and slowly descending into wrath, and Morgan Freeman begging him not to fall into the killer’s trap. So well executed." -amandan25

Inside Out (2015)

"That whole movie was a little disconnected and depressing for me but when they hit you with the ending and the meaning of it all, it ties it all together in a way that everyone can relate to. Makes you realize how genius that movie is and how amazingly they were able to illustrate such a complex facet of the human experience." - Redditor USChills

There Will Be Blood (2007)


"This has one of the the most satisfying endings of any movie I've ever seen. The 'I drink your milkshake' speech, Eli getting his just deserts, and then Daniel sitting there in the mess: 'I'm finished.' Every time I watch it, it gets better. Perfection." —propspixie

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)


"I never thought I could be so entertained by such horrific violence. I spent the whole movie expecting one ending, and the ending we get instead was SO pleasing. Not only can Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio play great badasses, but their comedic timing was also spot on. Best ending I have ever seen." —ashlynn817

Knives Out (2019)


"I know it's recent, but that last shot of Marta on the balcony is amazing. The movie was so good, but that ending had me like, 'Damn!' So good!" —Ctumino17

Joker (2019)


"The whole last 10 minutes or so made me shiver. While riots were happening all around him, he was just standing there with a smile. Especially the part where he drew on the Joker’s smile with the blood — It's the part where Arthur left and his true identity came out. All the people that cheered for him finally understood how screwed up society has come to be. Then the bit at the very end in Arkham and the shot of young Bruce Wayne? Perfection." —dominiquezec4

Midsommar (2019)


"Without a doubt, this ending will stay with me forever! Florence Pugh’s transition from extreme frown to a slow smile leaves the viewer entranced. You just know that she has cut her final ties with the 'real world' and has accepted the Hargas community wholeheartedly. Stunning and terrifying." —stephberk15