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Fans Spot Mystery Man Hiding In The Back Of Jennifer Lopez's Selfie

Jennifer Lopez is known for having the most fire Insta selfies. I wish I could have all of my selfies equal ONE of hers, but alas it cannot be done.

JLO is truly an Insta queen forever and always. However, the 50-year-old's latest selfie has same fans raising their eyebrows and perhaps calling the police?

Let's investigate further, shall we?

JLO loves a good post-workout selfie.

Instagram | @jlo

And hey, if I looked like that and not like a full tomato face after walking for 5 mins, I too would post some cute mirror selfies.

But alas, that is just not in God's plans for me!!

Jennifer also loves a good glam seflie.

Instagram | @jlo

Hate that she can rock both the no-makeup and makeup looks so flawlessly.

And by hate I mean love, I'd truly take a bullet for Miss Jenny From The Block!!!!

So when JLO combined her glam selfie with her gym selfie, it should have been a total match made in heaven, right?! WRONG!

Things have taken a very dark turn, ladies and gentlemen!!!!

Let us take a lewk....

Here is the selfie in question:

Instagram | @jlo

Gorgeous, right? But, take a close look. Like, take a really close look.

Can you spot the man in the background? Right above her right shoulder? Peaking through the curtains? Looking suspicious and/or scared?

WHY DOES HE LOOK LIKE HE HAS A HAND OVER HIS MOUTH? Or maybe (hopefully) a pale pink face mask?! Is he scared, or just starstruck?!

Instagram | @jlo

It literally scared the BEEJEEZUS outta me when I saw it!


Now of course, not everyone's attention went to the man in the back right away.

Some people noticed that JLO was tempting fate by using her brand new iPhone at the gym WITHOUT A CASE.

Oh ya know, just rich people things!!!

Looks like we have some ~shaddy~ behavior on our hands (and yes, I know it's "SHADY" not "shaddy" but I am making a lil' joke at the typo in the TWEET, sweeties) and we need answers now!

Camo Friday vibez will never be the same!

MMMMMKAY so I think the use of the word hostage in this situation is a *bit* extreme, in my opinion.

Maybe he's just practicing proper social distancing and wearing a MASK!!!!! Like how we all should be doing in public spaces!

Jennifer gurl, we need answers! Do you know this man? Is he just a security guard? A FRIEND? A backup dancer?!

Did you guys notice the man right away? Cause I didn't, lol.

Let us know in the comments below!

In the meantime, I will use this gorgeous gym pic as inspiration to *not* eat a fourth cinnamon bun and instead go stand outside in the sun and MAYBE EVEN go for a walk!

The world is waiting on you Jen Jen!!!!!

UPDATE: WE HAVE ANSWERS! Ask and you shall receive!

Apparently, this mystery man is just a normal man sitting in a meeting room behind the gym with JLO's future hubby, Alex Rodriguez.

They just use curtains to separate the two rooms, which is why he looks like he's peaking!


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