People Are Using Dollhouse Doors As A Cute Cover-Up For Electrical Outlets

While a global pandemic and orders to stay home are making some people bored AF, there are those who are taking this time to be especially creative.

One project that's making rounds on social media is this idea to use dollhouse doors to cover up outlets around the house and I gotta tell you, this is just too adorable.

A DIY enthusiast and craftsperson extraordinaire named Cristina posted on Imgur about her recent project.

Imgur | cristinaf

She came up with an idea to cover up her ugly electrical outlets with doors from dollhouses. It's probably the cutest idea I've heard of.

When Cristina painted the tiny dollhouse door, she matched it to her home decor with colors like dark violet.

Imgur | cristinaf

Then, she made it resemble wooden, suburban home doors and even put a welcome mat in front.

Then, to top it off and to really make it look like a home, she left a tiny key underneath the welcome mat just like people are known to do.

Imgur | cristinaf

Oh my goodness, isn't that just the perfect little touch?

I dunno about you but I think this is a brilliant idea.

Imgur | cristinaf

I mean nobody wants to look at those unsightly outlets anyway, so why not make them look like whimsical doors to a fantasy à la Alice in Wonderland?

Cristina explains that in order to make this work you can get an unfinished dollhouse door on Amazon at a 1:12 scale.


Then you need to reassemble it because the doors actually swing in, so they need to be flipped. to work properly on outlets.

So just remove the bottom piece of wood using a razor blade.

Then, flip the door around and re-glue it. Once that's done you may need to make a new hole for the pin that allows the door to swing.

One thing to remember is not to glue the door shut because, of course, it needs to open so you can actually access the outlet. Right?


Then you can just paint the doors any colors that match your house decor.

If you're not really into crafts and don't think you can embark on this type of creative project, don't worry.


You can also just buy an outlet cover that resembles an old wooden door and voilà, you're good to go.

Wow, I gotta say some people come up with the most unusual yet super creative things to do around their home.

I never would have thought of this idea but now that I see it I absolutely love it. Hee, hee!

h/t: Bored Panda