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Pringles' New Sweet Corn Flavor Tastes Exactly Like Corn On The Cob With Butter

Growing up in Southwestern Ontario meant that I ate a lot of corn growing up. I mean, I know other people did, but did your city have a festival dedicated to corn? Maybe it did...but I can guarantee it wasn't anything like ours! Anyways, I'm just trying to gas my town up, and if it's going to be by reminiscing about eating sweet corn every summer, so be it.

Clearly, I am not the only person whose main summer diet was corn, because Pringles just released a Sweet Corn flavor in time for the season.

Pringles just launched a new limited edition Sweet Corn flavor for summer, and if you know anything about summer, then you know corn must be consumed at least once a day.

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It's not, like, a stated rule or anything, but it's absolutely unspoken.

Let's break down the packaging first, shall we?

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Pringles always finds a way to depict their flavors in a fun graphic, and this flavor is no exception.

Here we see some freshly steamed corn stacked high with a square of melting butter. Mmmm.

Now, behind this graphic, I am not too sure what's happening. It looks like a graphic of their Pringles chip eating a cob of corn? Just wild.

Instagrammer @i_need_a_snack_ was able to get their hands on a tin and give us a review so we know what to except when mowing down.

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According to @i_need_a_snack_, the taste and smell are "spot on." However, it tastes more like "a sweet cup of corn that you would get from a restaurant." It's sweet and rich.

You may be surprised to know the chip itself isn't made of corn, which would have really tied it all together!

If you're not a fan of corn or don't want to end up like poor JaSoN dErUlo, yeaaah! here, then this is a great way to "eat your vegetables."

Look out for the new Pringles on your next grocery run and let us know what you think!