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Martini & Rossi Is Selling A New Frosecco Pouch For $4

The premixed drinks keeps coming and they don't stop coming, people! And no, your eyes don't deceive you. To confirm, I did remix the lyrics from Smashmouth's "All Star" for the occasion. You're welcome.

Anyways, we're loving a good ready-to-drink moment these days, and Martini & Rossi is back for the premixed drink attack with their new—and iconic—Frosecco drink pouch.

Last year, Martini & Rossi came in clutch with their premixed Frosé pouch.

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All you had to do was stick the pouch in the freezer, wait until it's nice and frozen, open'er up, and squeeze into a glass. That is, if you're fancy. If not, you could just squeeze is right into your mouth.


Brunch wouldn't be complete without a couple of classy options, so this year, Martini & Rossi is also releasing a Frosecco pouch.

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The best part? They're only $4.

Catch us running to the liquor store!

Or, the online liquor store.

According to the gorgeous gold confetti packaging, the drink is made with Italian wine and natural lemon flavors.

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Like their Frosé, their Frosecco pouch is also 6.5% ABV and 10 ounces.

I'm sure whoever invented prosecco and rosé never envisioned their classy drinks would ever be enjoyed right out of plastic pouches, but it's 2020, and this is the new champagne flute.

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Order online from Drizly, and look out for them at your local liquor store!

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