15+ Things That Made Us Look Again

Nothing in life is as it initially seems. Everything in this world is more complex... Well, except for the film The Day After Tomorrow - that's just trash no matter which way you look at it. God, what a shocker that was.

Anyway, that aside, please enjoy these 15+ things that made us look again!

"My brother's in the wine business. At tastings if he encounters insufferable wine snobs, this is his go-to move to confuse them."

Reddit | twilling8

"Mmmm, yes, this wine sounds like the cry of a sailor's regret! What does yours sound like?"

"... Grapes?"

"Target what does that even mean?"

Reddit | rawbeats04

"Mmmm, hot off the yum! What do you think?"

"Is it a pun on something?"

"Hot off the yum!"

"Is it a reference to something, or just a statement?"


"Confusing cafe in Korea."

Reddit | pansymarks

Well...maybe it is a park?! Parks can be whatever you want them to be, even if they're restaurants, I guess? I really don't know why I'm defending this place so much.

"No broken legs I know of."

Reddit | slepsteRwasTaken

This one will definitely make you look you crawl in agony away from this monstrosity, wondering how you shattered your shins, that is.

"I Am The Owl Man!"

Reddit | GoodBorsch420

I know that Owlman spends a lot of time being accused of terrifying people in Cornish folklore, but I'm happy to see that he found love in the end!

"This won the design competition."

Reddit | chica420

Apparently, it is supposed to say "Do drive safely. Don't die while you drive." Yep, can totally see that!

"Someone keeps leaving this cutout of Bigfoot around town. This time he was on a trail."

Reddit | Trampolice

How many people do you think have fallen for this prank? I can only imagine that the number of people who have fallen for it is unsettlingly high.

"What planet are they living on?"

Reddit | justin213333

"Are you sure that is what the world looks like?"

"I think so. Now put a sun on it as well."

"A sun, why?"

"Because I said so, that's why!"

"Foster Parent recruitment magnet is supposed to say 'Families Are Now Here.'"

Reddit | 3asteele

I mean, really? How do you not read that back and see what is going on here? You'd think that a foster family agency would be a little more sensitive to this kind of thing!

"Unfortunate publishing layouts."

Reddit | I_scoff_cake

You know that there was one young attendant whose job it was to put these papers out crying with laughter when they saw this.

"This unfortunate Canadian postal code."

Reddit | cdn95

Oh, come on now guys, don't be so childish! There's nothing at all funny about this postal code!

"It's a ferret, if you're confused..."

Reddit | datassdope

Has this guy's boss ever actually seen a dog before? I can imagine going 'round to his house and it just being full of possums...sorry, dogs!

"Like father like son."

Reddit | Turbulent_Exchange

This is actually a very rare medical condition where babies are born with the face of a middle-aged man.

"I spent the last 15 minutes looking for my kitten..."

Reddit | BalloonUnderstudy

It looks like your kitten might have spent the last 15 minutes looking for a way out of this couch!

"Puddle in a parking garage."

Reddit | Wooden_Table999

This is why you never want to use a multi-story car park that was designed by M.C. Escher.

"Unfortunate sign outage."

Reddit | XJadynX

"Would you like to try our new special?"

"Dear God, no!"

"My cousin calls it, 'The Unfortunate Sneeze.'"

Reddit | FreudianSip

This is the fourth time that this snowman has killed another snowman like this. People have come to call him The Atishooter.

"Told my daughter there was a fairy on my mom's hat."

Reddit | Willzyx_on_the_moon

One thing that a lot of people don't know, is that fairies love taking quick vacations to the Maldives and going swimming in their downtime!

"Making breakfast this morning, and spotted a very unfortunate URL..."

Reddit | SpookyTheMayor

There has to be a different domain that they could have had, like "foodbydickinsons" or something like that?

"Manhole in the middle of a hallway."

Reddit | Reversal_

A lot of people pointed out that this should be thought of more as a kick-ass escape route from your house. Although, that just made me wonder how often people actually need to escape from their homes?!

"It's funny because it's true."

Reddit | CauwerT

Someone in the comments quite accurately pointed out that the tree-branch above this place looks like it is saying, "Listen to me, Tony..."

"Would you like your chips with or without chips?"

Reddit | ZodiacWarrior_

I can see a lot of seagulls getting very vexed by this idea. How are they going to be able to steal unsuspecting people's chips if there are no chips in the first place?

"That's not how it works."

Reddit | SomeRandomPb

I do not want to know what goes on in the head of the person who made this family tree. Seriously, there's something very unsettling going on here!

"Flying dustbin?"

Reddit | darkwarrior33

No matter how many times I see this damn bin, it never loses any of its appeal to me! I wish that my life could achieve such consistency as this floating trash can.

"'So these cards to teach kids about letters, what should we use for K? Maybe kite?' 'Nah, let's use something where the K is silent.'"

Reddit | Phase3isProfit

This is just needlessly evil. Although, why should they make it easy for the kids? They need to learn that life isn't fair sometimes!

"Fried Egg!"

Reddit | FrozenCaveMoose

Now that is an egg that has been fried to purrfection! you see what I did there? Do you see?

"I'm confused..."

Reddit | Chris74439

Do you like milk in your non-dairy creamer? I much prefer no milk in my extra milky non-dairy extra-milk-free creamer, but that's just me.

"3 spiral ornaments - 3 shadows."

Reddit | imapotatotwo

This one is giving me a headache just looking at it. Also, while we're on the subject, why do people hang these things up in the first place? They're tacky and useless! my humble opinion anyway.

"My cat seems to have misplaced his body somewhere."

Reddit | 0MattyJ0

This one took way longer than I'd like to admit to piece together, but I got it. I'm certainly not still confused. No way.

Stylin' on 'em.

Reddit | Cropgun

I know that people dressed eccentrically on public transit isn't new by any means, but God, if it isn't always good. Look at this outfit! My new life goal is to be this man.

"Thought the driver of this car was just staring me down for no reason."

Reddit | EasternKanyeWest

I feel like, if this was a person and not a picture, would be way worse than being stared down angrily. What do they want? Why are they smiling? Why is it so creepy?

"My server today was secretly Batman."

Reddit | gregolopolus

I would be way too scared to eat my food after this. If this really is justice that's come to serve me, who knows what they could have done?

"What a beautiful wedding dress."

Reddit | Heart-Bubbles

Let's talk conceptually here, would a dress made out of water be comfortable? Is there any future in water-based fashion? Imagine how easy it would be to go swimming - You wouldn't even have to change.

"Artificial grass seating looks like it was Photoshopped to the scenery."

Reddit | kennyheard

If this is how it looks in a picture, I can only imagine how it looks in real life. If you want to instantly break reality, just have a seat on the digital fake grass bench.

"This falcon taking a picture of us."

Reddit | Newmaker_Sei_Zen

"Whoa, is that a human? I've gotta take a picture, I've never seen one up close before, this is crazy."

Some interesting design choices.

Reddit | Obiektyw1855

This looks like some strange high council meeting room. I wonder who convenes here.

"Secret library tip."

Reddit | obviousplant

You're saying I could have had all this power all this time? Every book, under my ruling? I have to get a new library card. This is my new mission.

"My friend took a photo of this van today and it somehow looks like a toy."

Reddit | EfJayOriginal

I'm still really confused about the perspective in this pic. I've looked at it too long and now I have a headache so I think I'll just move on.

"This picture of my friends cat."

Reddit | Raptors_McFlaptors

Come on cat, you know you can't go breaking the laws of gravity and reality on us! This is gonna take forever to fix.

"The donkey statue on my hometown's fountain was prone to get stolen, so it got temporarily removed. A few nights later someone replaced it with this."

Reddit | Veenux

Are you saying this wasn't the original donkey statue? Because, if not, it really should be. This is nothing but an improvement.

List Item #43

Reddit | youngack

They're just so shocked by your decor. And yes, they're judging you for it.

"My mom is struggling to comprehend secret santa."

Reddit | proxima

At least her heart is in the right place. Unless she was still just really desperate for recognition and praise for her gift selection. In which case, her heart is in the most wrong place possible.

"My friend's golf team photo had some unfortunate shadows."

Reddit | Jodiee182

"Okay guys, could we get another one? It looks like you've wet yourselves due to the shadows."

"...Ha, yes, the shadows. How unfortunate. On an unrelated note, we all need to go change our pants."

"Just a guy wearing a hoodie."

Reddit | zaferemre

Seems like the headless horseman lost his horse. Now he's just the headless public-transitman.

"Good thing they put the cone there, I would have kept going."

Reddit | Kcufuoyyhcrana

Ah, yes, thank goodness indeed for that cone. I do love how it is just the one single cone as well, as though they stood back and thought, "Yeah, that'll do it."