Build-A-Bear Releases A Dr. Seuss 'Oh, The Places You'll Go' Bear For New Grads

Remember when you were a kid, and life was easy? No bills to worry about, schools to apply to — nothin'.

You can recapture those times with Build-A-Bear's adorable Oh, the Places You'll Go! bear based on the famous Dr. Seuss book. It's the perfect thing to remind a new grad of how big their dreams were as a kid, and celebrates them achieving them as an adult!

The bear is personalized just for you.


Themed after the iconic colors in Oh, the Places You'll Go!, the bear features feet with the book's name, Dr. Seuss' signature, and the Build-A-Bear soundbox!

It comes loaded with phrases from the book.


Build-A-Bear doesn't specify which phrases are included, but let's be real: Dr. Suess is so quotable that any phrase will do.

It's the perfect inspirational gifts for grads heading into a strange new world.

The bear comes in a special kit.


Included is the bear, the actual Oh, the Places You'll Go! book, and this adorable, tiny shirt with the book's logo and memorable characters on it. This is so precious.

You can get yours on Build-A-Bear's website.


The whole set is $62.49. You can also add some customizable options, like a personalized message, or even a special scent!

Don't forget to add a grad ensemble to this special bear!


Build-A-Bear is also selling grad caps, gowns, and sashes for these adorable bears. The gown set retails for $12.50 and the Class of 2020 sash is $3.00.

Whatever option you choose, your grad will love this thoughtful gift.

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