Unsplash | Alora Griffiths

8+ Weird Trends People Used To Think Were Cool

Trends often come and go. We all know that. But it's funny to go down the memory lane to see exactly what some folks used to think was cool back in the day.

And you'd be surprised by what you find on this list particulairly. So take a look and be grateful we all forgotten those ideas. You can say that again.

1. Polyester Suits


Ah, the polyester suit. That surely was a staple back in the 60s and 70s. And the bolder the color the better. I get the appeal but I just can't get how those guys would breathe in it.

2. Bouffant Hair


This huge hair trend was just that, huge hair lol. They were also known as 'beehives'. Think Amy Winehouse kind of hair but back in the 60s. For a petite girl like me, this is a no-no.

3. Afros


Speaking of huge hair, who can forget the afro. I mean talking about a hair statement. This was all thanks to The Black Power movement of the late '60s and early '70s and its mantra "Black is Beautiful."

4. Poodle Skirts


The poodle skirt was made for dancing to the swinging music of the 50s. It was a colorful skirt made of felt that typically hit just below the knee adorned with an appliqué of a poodle.

5. The Bullet Bra


Oh my goodness, if you think Madonna invented the cone-shaped bra you'd be wrong. This baby came out back in the 50s and it took everybody by storm. Haha. I dunno why, it doesn't look practical.

6. Coonskin Hat


Even back in the 50s television played a huge role in influencing fashion. The coonskin hat trend became popular during the Walt Disney's 'Wonderful World of Color' and its Davey Crockett character who wore this unusual fashion accessory.

7. Hippie Fashion


Who's got an inner hippie inside of them? Haha. If you do you would have fit right in with the 70s crowd of free-loving, bell-bottom wearing, peace-seeking individuals. These fun spirits wore both flowy hair and clothes.

8. Go-Go Boots


Fashionistas of the 70s loved their white go-go boots and mini skirts. It was the 'it' thing to possess. I gotta say if I was around back then I probably would have loved this trend too. Haha.

9. Sideburns


As far as facial hair is concerned sideburns aren't my kind of thing. I can appreciate the whole 'Easy Rider' esthetic but still, I prefer the clean side of a man's face. What's your take on it?

10. The Mullet


Talking about men's hair brings me to one of the weirdest trends. I'm talking about the mullet, people. This business at the front, party at the back hairstyle always baffled me. Haha. I'm not really a fan.

11. The 'Twiggy' Look


Twiggy became a British cultural icon during the swinging sixties and pretty much everyone wanted to copy her style down to her famous hair cut and mod dresses. She was the 'it' girl of the decade.

12. Bell Bottoms


We all know that bell bottoms came out in the 60s but a version of them was originally a functional design that was worn by those who worked on boats since the seventeenth century. Wow, how interesting.

13. His And Her Matching Outfits


As far as coupledom is concerned this isn't my idea of happily ever after. LOL. But I guess it was the thing to do in the 70s. I'm glad I wasn't around for that.

I have forgotten about some of these styles. Have you? I have to admit it would have been kinda fun to be around to see people parading in some of these outfits. Oh, to be a fly on the wall.