Woman Documents Husband's Attempts At Making The Bed For The First Time In 45 Years

When it comes to being married and sharing a home with someone, it's important to find ways to "split" the chores and responsibilities of the house.

While most husbands expect their wives to take care of the home, clean up, and do small things like making the bed, sometimes, letting your husband do it can lead to some hilarity and fun.

Joanne Sterling recently shared that her husband has now received the job of making their bed after 45 years of marriage.

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Sharing the load of the work around the house is important to keeping every marriage alive. Luckily, Joanne's husband, Jim, keeps her on her toes every day in terms of their bedroom.

Joanne decided to take photos of Jim's attempts at making the bed every day and share it on Facebook.

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It looks like he isn't quite sure what to do with all the extra pillows on the bed. This for sure doesn't look exactly normal. Plus, who wants to lay with their heads that far up?

Well, that's interesting, I guess.

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Well, all the pillows are able to be seen on display, which is what throw pillows are for, am I right? I mean, why else do they all sit on the bed?

This time around he hid the fancy pillows.

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It's safe to say that fancy pillows are a waste of time and space. So, hide them — Jim has the absolute right idea. They usually end up on the floor anyway.

Stack 'em on up!

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If Joanne wants her pillows on display, why not stack them in one big, pillow tower? Not like you need to lay on them anyway.

She even documented when he was on strike.

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Some days, we just don't feel like making the bed. So, why not let it rock until we're tired and crawl back into bed later on? It's just going to get un-made anyway.

Farm yard special.

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Jim got pretty creative with this one and grabbed some stuffed animals and toys to add into their bed. The more the merrier.

Beach theme? I'm into it.

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Flamingos are the ultimate party animal when it comes to a tropical and summer vacation. Jim had the right idea over here to cheer up the bedroom.

He even got creative with some funny designs.

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This guy looks like he's trapped in a pillow jail. Who doesn't love to come into their bedroom and see a creepy doll trapped in a pillow jailhouse? Joanne is one lucky lady.

I guess they're sleeping on the opposite side of the bed this time.

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Jim decided to switch the entire bedroom up and put the pillows on the opposite end of the bed. Guess they're sleeping in the other direction tonight!

Joanne even shared "laundry day."

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At least Jim "made the bed" on laundry day, too. How nice of him! Joanne and Jim seem to have a wonderful marriage with tons of humor and lightheartedness. What goals!