Teacher Missing Her Class During Lockdown Knits 23 Adorable Dolls Of Her Students

During these trying times in the world where everything is changing in the blink of an eye, it's hard for some people to regain hope and happiness. The global pandemic has put many people's lives on pause. Many are forced to stay home and inside, away from friends, family, and others. It can be truly a sad and lonely time, especially for kids.

Since the coronavirus curve has peaked in numerous countries, many schools moved to remote learning.

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Teachers and students are forced to transition into a fully online environment where they teach and learn online through platforms such as Google and Zoom. For many kids, it's just not the same.

Some students are struggling with the transition to remote learning.

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Many are missing the face-to-face interaction of school where they can be around their peers and their teachers, asking questions in person, and being able to actually see things up close.

And, many teachers miss teaching their students in person, too.

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Teachers often begin teaching so they can touch the lives of students every day. Not being able to be in a classroom, physically, with their students is very hard on teachers, too.

One teacher, Miss Ingeborg Meinster-Van der Duin, from the Dr. H. Bavinckschool in Haarlem, Netherlands, decided to create something special for her kids.

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The teacher knitted dolls of all 23 of her students. The dolls are detailed and extremely sentimental to both the teacher and her students. She made sure to even display them with all of their names.

The photo of the dolls was shared on the Facebook page, Stuff Dutch People Like.

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And, the photo received over 2,000 shares. People online absolutely loved the creativity and dedication behind the dolls and truly could not believe the teacher went above and beyond to do this.

People on Facebook were so inspired, they said they hope the school displays them.

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One person commented:

"When this is all over, I hope the school gets to put these in a permanent display as a reminder/remembrance of this time and the creativity it inspired."

Other teachers commented on the post saying it was so moving.

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Another teacher wrote:

"As a teacher I completely understand her need to be with her children. It's a beautiful and loving way to be honored...."

Another person said that the students must be touched.

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They commented:

"How awesome is this ?! Great idea. Students will treasure this memory of happiness and kindness during unprecedented coronavirus . Well done Ingeborg Meinster-Van der Duin! I’m sure your students are missing you as much as you miss them. Hopefully, this will be over. However, people will remember."

We are all finding ways to cope with the stress, it's truly nice to see teachers going the extra mile.

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How sweet is it that she took the time out to knit all 23 of her students, down to the details of their freckles and hair colors? We love to see people who give their all to their job.

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