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JoJo Siwa Lets Her Hair Down And Shows Off Natural Style In Honor Of Her 17th Birthday

Almost everybody had a phase when they were young teenagers that they eventually grew out of — I know that I had a particular fascination with graphic t-shirts with long sleeves sewn underneath that are hard to explain in my throwback photos. Luckily, I wasn't famous during this phase, and I didn't have to pull off the transition to a more normal style publicly.

JoJo Siwa does not have that luxury.

JoJo Siwa is a dancer, actress, and singer who rose to fame on *Dance Moms*.

Her kid-friendly image since then has been heavily focused on a high-energy, sparkly, glittery, and very bright aesthetic that included her signature high side ponytail that she is hardly ever seen without.

On the popular app TikTok, JoJo revealed a new side of herself just in time for her 17th birthday on May 19th.

The video starts off with JoJo in her classic look.

Following the popular "wipe" trend where users clean a mirror and totally change looks following a wipe down, JoJo reveals a much more mature, natural style as she wipes down the glass, and most notably her hair is down and curly. "It's my birthday tomorrow!" JoJo wrote alongside the video.

Fans are excited to see a more 'authentic' version of JoJo.

"WHEN JOJO SIWA DYES HER HAIR DARK BROWN AND GETS A MIDDLE PART AND REGULARLY DRESSES LIKE A NORMAL TEENAGER ONCE HER CONTRACT ENDS," one fan excitedly tweeted, referencing a common belief that JoJo only dresses the way she does currently as she is contractually obligated to.

Some fans even pointed out a lookalike for JoJo's more natural look.

"2020 may be a nightmare otherwise but we are witnessing jojo siwa’s evolution," one fan tweeted.

Happy birthday, JoJo! We're loving the new style!

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