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Postal Worker Delivers Dunkin' Donuts Gift Cards To Graduates Along His Route

A New Hampshire postal worker has taken it upon himself to show 2020 graduates that although their ceremonies have been cancelled as a result of the ongoing pandemic, their achievements certainly have not gone unnoticed.

According to CNN, US Postal Service worker Josh Crowell has been lifting the spirits of students along his route by delivering each of them a $5 Dunkin Donuts gift card, as well as a handwritten note congratulating them on all their hard work.

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Crowell, who delivers mail near Concord, New Hampshire, estimates he's given out at least 25 gift cards to homes with lawn signs reading "2020 Grad."

Josh Crowell via CNN

"$5 isn't much, but it's something so that the kids can get out of the house and go get a donut and an iced coffee," the 39-year-old mailman told CNN.

The kind notes that accompany each of the gift cards congratulates the graduate, finishing with Crowell signing, "your mailman, Josh."

He revealed he uses his own money to buy the gift cards, which he keeps in a lunch box with him on his route in case he sees any 2020 graduation signs.

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"I'm not very well-off myself, but I look at it as, if I put a smile on somebody's face, then I will do it," he explained.

After delivering so many gift cards to students in the area, Crowell has actually started receiving "thank you" cards from the appreciative seniors.

The cards thank Crowell for his kindness, as well as for his continued efforts as an essential worker during the ongoing pandemic.

Josh Crowell via CNN

"This year has not been easy for most, but I think being able to make someone's day is important," one of the response cards reads. "Thank you for being an essential worker, it means a lot."

Another student wrote, "The gift card and card brightened my day! Thank you for all you do, not only for us but for the whole community. You are SO appreciated!"

As a father of two daughters, Crowell said he knows how important it is for students to have a graduation ceremony and understands how upsetting the cancellations have been.

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He said watching his youngest daughter walk across the stage at her high school graduation in 2018 was an incredibly moving experience.

"She had some issues in school learning-wise so she struggled," Crowell explained. "To know that she was able to graduate and walk across the stage and get her diploma was very meaningful for her and for me."

He added, "To know that the students for 2020 are not going to be able to do that is hard and sad."

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