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7-Year-Old Girl Loses Tooth And Insists On Making A Face Mask For The Tooth Fairy

You know who I think a lot of us have forgotten about during the coronavirus outbreak? Legendary Creatures.

That is to say, Santa Claus, Cupid, the Easter Bunny, and even the Tooth Fairy. They're all dealing with this pandemic stuff just like the rest of us, which I'm sure is making their jobs even harder. Santa's probably had to really cut back on toy production to ensure the elves are social-distancing, and the Easter Bunny probably took plenty of precautions while hiding eggs this year.

But what about the Tooth Fairy? How is she coping with the outbreak? After all, her job involves her getting pretty up close and personal with people. So how is she staying safe?

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One little girl from Michigan was so concerned about the Tooth Fairy's well-being that she decided to do something about it.

In a now-viral Facebook post, Kayla Westhouse explained that her seven-year-old daughter, Evolette, recently lost a tooth, but wasn't excited about the money that typically follows such an event.

Instead, she was worried for the Tooth Fairy who she knew would be showing up at her home that night to swap the tooth with cash.

At first, Kayla tried to explain to Evolette that the Tooth Fairy isn't actually able to contract the coronavirus.

However, the little girl wasn't convinced and insisted that they needed to do something to protect the Tooth Fairy from the threat of the deadly disease. So she decided they should make her her very own mini face mask.

"Let's be safe," Evolette said, as per her mom's FB post. "If she doesn't need it she will just leave it behind and let us know in a note."

The seven year old's concern wasn't entirely unwarranted, and she even had the right points to back it up.

As her mom explained, Evolette pointed out that in order to get to the tooth under her pillow, the Fairy will have to enter her "6 foot bubble" — that is, the space public health officials have instructed us to maintain from others at all times.

The tooth has also previously been inside Evolette's mouth, so germs are a huge concern. And if the Fairy goes to another child's house right afterwards, she'll be transferring those germs to another kid!

In the end, Evolette made one final point that finally convinced her mom to take action: "What else do you have to do tonight?"

Facebook | Kayla Westhouse

Fair point, indeed.

So, Kayla broke out her sewing machine and meticulously constructed what she said was her "178th face mask", a teeny-tiny piece of cloth that would be the perfect size for a health-conscious Barbie doll — or, of course, the Tooth Fairy.

That night, the Fairy arrived at the Westhouse home to find a handwritten note waiting for her under Evolette's pillow.

Facebook | Kayla Westhouse

"Dear Tooth Fairy," the letter began, "My tooth broke [while] it was under my pillow."

On the reverse side, it continued, "My mom made a mask for you. Can you [leave] a present for my dad? It's his birthday."

The next morning, Evolette awoke to find the Tooth Fairy had actually taken the time to write her back a response!

Facebook | Kayla Westhouse

"Dear Evolette," she wrote, "Thank you so much for the mask. You are such a considerate young lady. I am so happy to be able to help not spread germs as I go from place to place."

"I wanted to wish you a happy day and say thank you to your mom for sewing my mask," she continued. "She seems like the best mom ever. Be sure to tell her that as often as you can. Love, T.F."

After Kayla shared the story of Evolette's heartwarming efforts and the subsequent correspondence between her and the Tooth Fairy, her Facebook post went viral.

As of writing, it currently has over 12,000 shares and more than 14,000 reactions from Facebook users who were understandably moved by the sweet series of events.

"Hopefully never again will this task be necessary but what an impression you made on your daughter," one person commented. "By the way that is one stinking cute mask!"

Another added, " Love that she was concerned for other kids and germs and that her parents lovingly helped her imagination get bigger."

Some people wondered why the Tooth Fairy left the birthday boy, dear old Dad, out of her letter back to Evolette.

Facebook | Kayla Westhouse

But Kayla was quick to clear up any confusion with an update to the story.

"Since everyone is very concerned about Dad, he was the one who 'helped' the tooth fairy write this letter, so I think he is O.K. not getting a shout out," she explained. "The tooth fairy also left a dollar under his pillow for his birthday."

So you can rest assured that everyone got a happy ending!

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