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Raven-Symoné Reveals She Hasn't Spent Any Of The Money She Earned On 'The Cosby Show'

Saving money can be hard and, for some of us, it's definitely harder than for others. I know that for me, it can be difficult not to make the big purchases that I need right away, whereas for others, they're very good at hanging onto their money and purchasing strategically.

It looks like we know where Raven-Symoné lands on this scale!

Raven, 34, has been on our television screens for almost her entire life.

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Raven started out as adorable Olivia Kendall on The Cosby Show when she was 3 years old, and she would stay on the smash hit sitcom for three seasons until 1992.

After that, she became a star in her own right on her Disney show *That's So Raven*!


We all remember That's So Raven! Sing it with me now — It's the future I can see!

It was the most iconic Disney show of the early 2000s in my humble opinion.

A show about a teenage psychic who is facing the challenges of any normal teen while her parents run a successful restaurant brilliantly titled the Chill Grill?! Talk about never a dull moment!

I miss this show every friggin day to be honest.

Raven also went on to star in "The Cheetah Girls" franchise, another ICONIC Disney endeavour.


She famously did not appear in the third Cheetah Girls film which was a huge loss for the Growl Power fandom.

I'll never forget the sting :(

She also lent her voice to 'Kim Possible' and eventually also became a panelist on 'The View' and 'The Talk.'

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I know right? Our lil' Raven was playing with the big boys on daytime TV and was TBH rocking it!

Nobody can say that Raven hasn't been a hard worker, and now it's clear that she's been smart with her money as well!

This is a concept I personally cannot relate to in the slightest, but I am so happy for her!

During an Instagram Live interview with Jerome Trammel, Jerome asked Raven a very interesting question.

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“You hinted that you still have your Cosby money.. is it true you haven’t touched your Cosby money? Or you mean, like, residuals as of lately?” he asked.

It would still be an impressive feat of self-control if Raven had meant just her residuals, but that didn't seem to be the case.

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Raven clarified real quick that is she is the queen of self control and can't relate to us impulse purchasers.

"I haven't touched my *Cosby* money," Raven answered immediately.

"Ooh, [expletive]!" Jerome responded, excitedly, "You rich! That's a flex, that's a humble flex."

However, not all of Raven's memories of The Cosby Show are positive.

The 33-year-old previously admitted that there were “definitely hard” moments she faced while appearing on a hit TV show at a young age.

"I remember not being able to have the bagel or anything at – we would call it crafty, where it’s just a table of food, ready for you to eat whatever you want,” she said on The View back in 2015.

“And I remember people would be like, ‘You can’t eat that. You’re getting fat!’ I’m like, ‘I’m 7! I’m hungry!’”

Ugh, what a terrible memory during such a problematic time in Hollywood.

We're so glad Raven has reclaimed her confidence and is officially the queen of the world!

h/t: Us Weekly