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Plant A Table In Any Backyard You Go To With Clever Lawn Drink Table Stakes

Summer hangouts aren't complete without some snacks and some drinks, especially when you're hanging out in the backyard.

However, sadly, not every chair has a holder for your drink, and when you're chilling on the lawn, the last thing you need is for ants to start crawling in your drinks or for it to be covered in grass clippings. That's where clever lawn drink table stakes come in handy.

How great of an idea is this?

Etsy | FaircraftUSA

This drink stake from Etsy seller Faircraft USA has everything you need to have the best backyard hangout experience.

It has two spots to fit a couple drinks, as well as a middle bowl compartment for easy snacking.

Etsy | FaircraftUSA

Of course, not all bottles have an easy screw cap, so it's also fitted with a bottle opener.

Absolutely genius.

The good news is that you can make it yourself!

The Kim Six Fix

The Kim Six Fix shows us how you can use scrap wood to make a drink stake for beer and wine, because sometimes you can't decide.

Bring these to your friends' backyards and save having to stick your beautiful cocktail in the grass.

The Kim Six Fix

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