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You Can Score Free Fries From McDonald's Every Friday Until June 28

We could definitely use all the cheering up we could get these days, and there's nothing that perks us right up more than the gleaming and beaming golden arches of McDonald's. By just looking at them, you know magic lies behind those walls.

McDonald's is already spreading cheer, but they're spreading so much more with their free fries offer.

McDonald's is putting the "fry" in Friday with their new free fries offer.

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Every Friday from now until June 28, McDonald's is handing out free medium fries at participating locations.

All you have to do to redeem your free fries is spend at least $1, which is super easy when you're at McDonald's.

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Let's be real—we're all easily spending more than $1 when we're at McDonald's.

There's also another catch: you have to use their Mobile Order & Pay, so make sure you download the app and pre-order!

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Hey, this is definitely giving us a reason to get excited for the weekends again.