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Video Of Snoop Dog Sitting His Car Alone Listening To The 'Frozen' Soundtrack Is Going Viral

Sometimes, quality life advice comes from the most unlikely sources, but hey, I'm not here to judge! If Snoop Dog tells me listening to the Frozen soundtrack in my parked car will make my day better, I'm not gonna knock it 'till I try it!

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Who doesn't love Snoop Dog? He's a cultural icon, even when he was going by Snoop Lion!

Even though Snoop hasn't released his own new music in years, that doesn't mean the 48-year-old rapper can't appreciate the fine musical stylings of other artists.

"I'm just sitting in my car listening to 'Let It Go' ... let it go, we will be outside soon," he concluded.

Obviously, this is one of the most important videos the internet has ever seen and thankfully, the world recognized it!

So when Snoop posted a video of himself sitting alone in his parked car listening to "Let It Go" while giving a motivational speech, the world stopped, looked and listened, baby!

Instagram | @snoopdogg

"I had to come sit in my car and listen to this [expletive] man," Snoop remarked.

He truly is our guiding light in these unprecedented and dark times!!!!!!

Instagram | @snoopdogg

The joy on his face as he listens to the wickedly talented Adele Dazeem Idina Menzel is related A.F.

We must let the stress and pain of this pandemic GO!!! We will be alright soon!

I didn't even really like this song when it first came out and now I'm crying??? Love that for myself!!!

Will you be heading to your parked car to go listen to the Frozen soundtrack and cry?


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