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Kanye West's Former Bodyguard Details 'Ridiculous Rules' He Allegedly Had To Follow

If you've ever questioned some of Kanye West's bizarre and unconventional behavior over the years, this story is not going to help!

In a recent interview with the Hollywood Raw podcast via Just Jared, his former security guard, Steve Stanulis, opened up about some of the "ridiculous" rules that he had to follow.

This is the Kanye tea we've been waiting for!

It's no secret that Kanye West isn't your average dude.

Whether you think he's a musical genius or not, he has always had a very unique, odd way of doing things, to say the least.

There's no doubt about that.

I mean, there have been dozens of instances in the last decade that haven't portrayed Kanye in the greatest way.

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But of course, without knowing him personally, there's no way to tell what kind of person he is behind the scenes.

Thankfully, the people who have worked close to him have some tea-worthy insights.

In a recent interview on the Hollywood Raw podcast via Just Jared, Kanye's former security guard, Steve Stanulis, revealed that while he worked for Kanye, there was a very long list of "ridiculous" rules that he had to follow.

And tbh, I can't say that I'm surprised. After what he did to Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs, there isn't much I'd put past him.

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He even alleged that Kanye and Kim Kardashian once called the paparazzi on themselves.

His ultimate takeaway from working with Kanye is that he was “least favorite people to work with over the course of time”.

He began by telling the story of the first time he met Kanye — his first day working as his security guard.

And let's just say, it did not go well.

In fact, it sounds like one of the worst celeb first encounters I've ever heard of.

“The first day I met him…it was Fashion Week. I was supposed to meet him at the studio,” he began.

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“When he gets there, we get into the elevator and he says, ‘Aren’t you going to push what floor we are going to?’"

"I was like, ‘I have no idea what floor, it’s my first day,'" Steve recalled.

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"So he starts ranting, ‘So you mean you didn’t call ahead to find out where I’m supposed to be going?’ I said no."

"So he’s ranting and raving. So I said, ‘Look, bro, we can do this one of three ways."

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"'One, you could tell me what button to press, and now I’ll know. Two, you could press the button, and I’ll see which one you press so I’ll know."

"'Or three, you can sit in here all day and tell me how important your time is and we are not going to go anywhere.’"

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"Again, that was our first interaction," he said. "He went for the first option.”

Sounds like a terrible first impression.

He then explained how Kanye allegedly required his security team to always remain behind him when they would walk places, which sounds rather counterproductive if you ask me.

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“He wanted you to stay 10 paces behind him on a city street," Steve explained.

"So obviously if someone is going to come up and do something, by the time I try to run up and prevent it, it would have already happened".

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He also revealed that he always had his suspicions that Kanye and Kim were calling the paparazzi on themselves every time they would leave the house.

“First of all, there’s no way [paparazzi] doesn’t get called upfront," he said.

"There’s no way every time they are leaving, all these people know about it. There’s definitely somebody calling ahead."

He pointed out that it seemed all too convenient that everywhere Kim and Kanye were, so were the paparazzi.

"That’s just my opinion…I’m just saying it coincidental that wherever we are, they’re always there," he went on.

"Maybe they’re just better than I think they are," he added.

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The interview wrapped up with a game of Name That Celeb, where Steve named Kanye as the hardest worker, neediest, moodiest and worst tipper.

He concluded by saying that he would prefer to never have to work with Kanye ever again — understandably.

Let us know what you think of the allegations against Kanye West, recently made by his former bodyguard in the comments below!