Quotes For Those Who Never Feel Their Age

There are a lot of inspirational quotes about how getting older is amazing and you should feel empowered by your gray hair, and all of them are valid.

But let's be serious here: Getting old is weird. One day you're running laps, wind in your hair, and the next day suddenly a short jog leaves you winded and there are new scraggly gray hairs growing out of your nose.

It probably didn't happen overnight, but it definitely feels that way to most of us.


Every time my roots grow out, I'm surprised by how much more tinsel-like white hairs are mixed in among my natural black.

Each birthday requires a double-take at the calendar.

Maybe part of why gray hair is so terrifying is that we never feel the age we might look.


It's different for everybody, of course, but there are still days when I look at the house I own, the latest workplace anniversary, heck, even my adult dogs and think "I'm not nearly old enough to be at this stage in my life yet, am I?"

Of course, age really is just a number.

And how a person is expected to be at a specific age is just a social construct.

Like, I'm an older millennial with a mortgage, a retirement savings account, and the hands of an arthritic octogenarian, but I am also watching She-Ra and the Princesses of Power while I write this.

You know what? I own that about myself.

My hair is getting gray, my hands hurt, my bills are due, and if I want to curl up with a bottle of wine and binge a cartoon, I'm going to do that.

And you do you. Make that fart joke. Nap until noon. Party all night. Work that 9-5. Who cares what the date on your birth certificate says?

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