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Aldi Is Selling 3-Liter Boxes Of Sangria For $10

Boxed wine has achieved a sort of cult status over the last couple decades. While it seems antithetical to the whole experience of enjoying a "glass" of wine, that's exactly what makes it so much more alluring to many—it's much more approachable than a pretentiously labeled bottle of snobby wine from a vineyard somewhere in The Valley. And if you've boarded the boxed wine train, then you know. It's cheap, it's tasty, and it's ready for you, waiting for you in the fridge with its ready-to-pour spigot hanging over the shelf.

If I've convinced you why boxed wine is a necessary household staple, then check out Aldi's boxed sangria that is an exciting $10 for 3 whole liters!

Summer just got a whole lot more exciting, because Aldi is selling 3-liter boxes of ready-to-pour sangria.

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The best part? They're $10 a box, which is honestly iconic, considering 750ml bottles of wine can go for $10.

Casa Sangrioso Sangria is a dark purpley-red sangria made with sweet orange, lemon and black currant flavors.


It sounds exactly like something summer needs!

Pop it in your fridge and it's ready to be poured as-is or over some ice.

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It's basically a giant adult juice box, and we love that!

If you need this in your life, you should be able to find the boxed sangria at your local Aldi.

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