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Test Your Patience With A 1,000-Piece Puzzle That Changes Color As You Move The Pieces Around

It's safe to say this year has been an absolute dumpster fire. I'm sorry to start off this article on such a negative foot, but I'm not here to preach negativity. There has actually been a lot of positivity that has come out of everything.

For example, people are singing out of their windows, they're making a greater effort to connect with family and friends that they've neglected over the years, and banana bread is finally getting the attention is deserves.

As you know, the jigsaw puzzle train has also been going on a wild ride, and we've got another challenging one to keep you busy.

If you're looking for a more torturous jigsaw puzzle experience, look no further than a color-changing puzzle.

MoMA Design Store

It's basically like it's been pulled right out of a Harry Potter novel.

The 1,000-piece puzzle was created by Paris-based artist Clemens Habicht.

He was inspired by a blue sky he was trying to complete in a rather difficult puzzle.

He thought that connecting puzzle pieces based on color intuition, rather than connecting images, was more satisfying and therapeutic.

As you pick up each piece and move them around, you'll find they start changing color depending on how they hit the light.

MoMA Design Store

This a very frustrating experience. But it's absolutely a major test of your patience!

Completing the puzzle is really no small feat. It took Instagrammer @mintyfizz_puzzles 45 minutes to complete most of the border.

Instagram | @mintyfizz_puzzles

It's safe to say this puzzle will keep you very busy!

Find it on the MoMA Design Store website for $100.

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