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You Can Buy Colorful Bouquets Filled With Little Stitch Plushies

Baby Yoda took the world by storm last November when The Mandalorian was released on Disney +. Since then, people just haven't gotten enough of the cute baby alien.

However, this isn't Disney's first tiny cute alien. Sitch from Lilo and Stitch is the real OG when it comes to adorably cute aliens, and don't forget it!

So, imagine a whole bouquet filled with tiny Stitch plushies. Sound like a dream come true?

A bouquet of roses is great as-is, but it's even better when it's loaded with little plushies of Stitch.

Etsy | CartoonBouquets

I mean, just look at these plushies from Etsy seller CartoonBouquets!

The Stitch plushies are even fitted with tiny black bowties for the occasion.

The bouquets are filled with 9 scented soap roses and 6 Stitch plushies that stand around 11 cm tall.

Etsy | CartoonBouquets

You can also choose from four different colors: blue, pink, red, or purple.

However, it looks like you can also order a multicolored "special design" that includes a couple different blue and pink roses.

The red bouquet is perfect for anniversaries, proposals, or Valentine's Day.

Etsy | CartoonBouquets

You may not be able to actually show hearts in your eyes, but Stitch can do it for you!

This is a thoughtful and unique gift for anyone who loves Stitch.

Etsy | CartoonBouquets

Order them from CartoonBouquets for around $70.

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