People Are Baking Bread With Gorgeous Designs That Look Like Paintings

Bread, but make it art: that's the idea behind bread paintings, or "bread as paintings," as they call it on Instagram.

You simply have to see these masterpieces to believe them. And even then, it is very hard to believe any of this is edible.

Some look like faces.

This sourdough genuinely looks like a minimalistic portrait. Created by professional chef Markus Bongardt, these loaves were actually done back in 2018! Now that's a trendsetter right there.

Now, people are creating full-on paintings with bread!

Yeah, this is bread.

Can you believe it? The delicate swirls of onion, the leaves, the olives! All of it comes together to form something the Metropolitan Museum of Art would be proud to display.

Or, they should, anyway. In my humble (and hungry) opinion.

I love the flowers on this one.

All those peppers and tomatoes are going to make for one frickin' delicious painting. I'd almost feel bad eating it, to be honest with you.

Almost. It's bread, it deserves to be savored.

They key to bread art is the bread used.

For these paintings, foccacia is the bread of choice. It doesn't expand too much, so the paintings aren't ruined or overtaken by the bread!

Now, someone pass me a slice, I'm starving.

On Instagram, @thevineyardbaker has been wowing us with her 'van Dough' inspired creations.

Instagram | @thevineyardbaker

She uses ingredients like peppers and olives to make floral designs that could rival a van Gogh painting. Beautiful!