People Are Building Oddly Adorable 'Chicnic' Tables For Their Chickens

This content is so important to your happiness, trust me. People have been building mini picnic tables for their outdoor friends, but the ones for chickens are just next level.

"Chicnic" tables are the next frontier in tiny tables for animals. Move over, squirrels. It's their time to shine.

Okay, just to give the squirrel thing some context...

People are seriously so bored during the coronavirus quarantine pandemic that they're building tables for the squirrels in their yards.

Shoutout to Rick Kalinowski, who came up with the idea and now runs a business selling them as kits!

So anyway, chicnic tables.

This is the epitome of cute. Why not have a whole table for your little chicken friends?

Chicnic tables traditionally have raised sides, instead of a flat surface. For obvious reasons.

This one is so tiny!

I'm so happy. It's like baby chick size. I am hoping in my heart of hearts that this is for baby chicks. Don't try and tell me otherwise, okay?

Of course, some people build traditional tables.

And dammit, it's somehow even cuter. They even got them out plates to eat off of! BRB, building a chicnic table for chickens that I don't even have.


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