8+ Tweets About The Neverending Struggle Of Cooking For Your Family

Making dinner for your family every night can be a struggle normally, but during the pandemic, it seems that we're constantly having to cook with the lack of ability to just say, "Oh forget it, let's go out." While some restaurants are delivering, many families are opting to cook for their loved ones to ensure they are practicing safety and security during a health crisis. Let's just say, most parents are over cooking during this time.

Snacking is always an option.

We've stocked up on so many snacks that honestly, we're counting snacking on chips and dip as a full meal at this point in time. Forget dinner, head straight for potato chips.

When all else fails: Postmates.

Thank God that we live in a time when we can get everything delivered from a third-party source. Honestly, if it was no delivery at all, we all might starve to death.

Some of us have excelled.

Level up, am I right? For those of us who could barely boil a pot of water before, we're forced to watch YouTube videos and look for recipes on Pinterest for hours until we get it right.

Desperate times call for... White Claw.

Listen to me—White Claw solves everything. Many of us are struggling with running out of ingredients and truly, it is the absolute worst when you're craving something to no end.

Like I said — White Claw.

If you choose to eat Nacho Cheese Doritos for dinner, I will not judge you. If it were up to me, I'd eat it three times a day every day and have absolutely no guilt.

Honestly, I'm tired of this convo.

My husband doesn't want this, my kids don't want that. It's too bad that they're going to get what they get and still be upset. Can this end, now? I'm tired.

Some of us are not even used to this whole "cooking thing."

Clearly we'd rather be out and about, eating at restaurants and calling it a day. But, in tough times, we break out those wedding gifts we haven't touched since... opening them.

Give the people what they want.

Honestly, who's stopping us from eating dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner? Absolutely no one in the world, that's who. Go give your kids cheeseburgers for breakfast mom. We love it.

I'm into this fruit, too.

If you know the world is ending around you, why eat apples when you can have fried sausage? If you're asking me, sausage overpowers fruit 10/10 times, every single time.

Liquid diets for the win.

Drink until you forget you're hungry and all of your problems are solved! Just kidding, make sure you eat first so that you don't get too drunk and sick. Pro tip!

It is what it is, y'all!

We're down to the nitty-gritty sometimes and our kids are going to eat whatever is left in the house. If they don't like it, oh well, tough times — am I right?