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Mattel Is Donating First Responder Barbies To The Families Of Essential Workers

In a time where the world is all going through the same global pandemic, it's important to remember those who are on the frontlines and giving their all to try and help those who are suffering from coronavirus. In countries all over the world, nurses, doctors, EMT workers, and other essential workers are risking their lives daily to save the lives of those who contract the virus.

Mattel, the makers of Barbie, have created a line of "First Responder" dolls to honor those risking their lives.

The company has been selling more and more dolls that showcase the first responder careers of those who are on the frontlines of the virus.

From doctors to nurses to other essential workers, each Barbie doll comes with medical gear and scrubs to represent the careers of these workers.

And, now, Mattel has announced they will be donating dolls to the families of First Responsers, too.

In their new initiative called "Thank You Heroes," the company announced:

"From May 14-May 17, Barbie will donate a doll (up to 30K dolls) for every eligible career doll purchased, benefiting First Responders Children’s Foundation (@1strcf), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the children of first responders leading the fight against COVID-19."

How wonderful!

To contribute to this good cause, all you need to do is purchase a First Responder Barbie from a participating store.

For those of you who have kids of your own, these dolls can help ease their worries about the pandemic. Plus, by purchasing one of the First Responder dolls, you help a child from a first responder family who may not be with mom or dad right now.

But, if you miss the window, you can still give back.

If you don't happen to purchase a Barbie within the three-day window for this promo, you can still help. Mattel is matching purchases with donations to the First Responders Fund. So, if you purchase a Barbie before May 30th, they will donate $15 to the fund to help those families who are currently struggling.

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