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Costco Is Selling Wine To Go Sets That Will Keep Your Wine Chilled Wherever You Need To Take It

Do you ever just go to Costco and they have exactly what you weren't looking for? That's the beauty of the store, tbh. They're like psychics—they know exactly what we need, even if we never thought of it!

We never thought we would need an insulated wine carrier, but thanks to Costco, we're now seeing how handy one could be!

Costco is selling Wine To Go sets that include a trendy insulated wine carrier and two tumblers with lids.

Instagram | @costco_doesitagain

Instagrammer @costco_doesitagain spotted the sets for $22.99.

These are perfect for so many summer occasions!

Now you can keep your bottle of wine poolside without it getting warm and gross.

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The lidded tumblers also means you don't have to worry about bees or water ruining your drink!

Same with bonfires and picnics.

Keep your wine chilled, but also keep it from getting trampled on in the dark.

And of course, it's perfect for indoor hangs too.

Keep it chilled right in arm's length while you binge Netflix!

This is definitely a good item to keep around during the times you wish you had something like it.

Find them at your local Costco, but call before to make sure it's in stock!