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Incredibly Detailed Succulent Cakes Are Too Pretty To Eat

Cake decorators are seriously wizards. They expertly whip together icing sugar, butter, and cream and use it to create actual pieces of art.

You eat with your eyes first, as the saying goes, and you might really only eat with your eyes after receiving a succulent cake like the ones you're about to see!

How beautiful is this succulent cake?

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Seriously, how can you even bear to cut into something like this?

The 3D piping really brings the cake to life, making it look like a beautiful succulent planter.

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Of course, you can't forget to represent the sandy soil that succulents love with some crushed graham cracker on top!

Some bakers have gotten pretty creative with the trend.

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Some create unique patterns with the icing succulents, or even make the base of the cake look like a clay pot that people popularly put plants in.

Succulent cupcakes and cake cones are another creative way to put a huge smile on any plant lover's special day!

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