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Jack Daniel's-Topped Cakes Make Any Occasion Worth Celebrating

For many alcohol-drinking folks out there, a celebration isn't complete without a drink, or, realistically, a few. A celebration is also often not complete without a cake. Mix the two together and you have one pretty epic dessert that makes any occasion worth celebrating!

If you're a Jack Daniel's fan, then a Jack Daniel's-topped cake is the ultimate gift.

If you love Jack Daniel's, then a cake like this is right up your alley!

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The Kit Kat barrel is already amazing enough, but the best part is that it's topped with mini bottles of the whiskey.

Don't just top your cake with JD, though—go the extra mile and make your cake *with* Jack Daniel's!

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Or if you open a bottle and stuff it upside down in the cake, you can make it boozy without actually baking it into the cake.


Forget candles! Those just get tossed in the garbage. At least these Jack Daniel's bottles will be well-used!

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If you're not an experienced baker, make sure you call your local bakery to see if they can whip a Jack Daniel's cake up for you.

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