Woman Turns Spare Bedroom Into A Luxury Doghouse For Her Yorkies

When I have some time on my hands I usually just loaf on the couch watching TV. Just being honest here. But it seems that when other people have extra time they start doing creative projects.

Like these two ladies who turned their spare room into a tiny house for their dogs and the results are nothing short of adorable. Hee, hee.

What do you think of the idea of turning one of your spare rooms into a playroom for your furry friends?

That is exactly what these ladies did and their Yorkshire terriers seem to be very grateful for their new digs.

It all started with an idea to create a walk-in doggy house for their Yorkshire terriers Ginger and Fergie.

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The ladies began by creating the frames for the doggy house. Wow, I gotta say this looks quite impressive here.

As the project went along, taking a break now and then was definitely needed.

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After all, this is one impressive endeavor for two ladies to take upon themselves. This is what you do for the doggy friends you got in your life. Ha, ha!

By day nine this is what the progress looked like.

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It seems like a lot of work went into making over this space. From painting to new flooring to walls being installed. This is definitely an awesome passion project.

Since the project was to redo the whole room, naturally the flooring needed to be updated too.

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Not only did the ladies do everything themselves but they prettied up the space for the doggies with pictures. Oh! That's so cute!

These two cuties were the perfect supervisors.

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They were standing on guard whenever anybody wanted to sneak a peek at the progress. I dunno how much work I would get done with these two rascals around. Hee, hee, hee.

In the end, these two adorable Yorkies ended up with the cutest little space to call their own.

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Their mommies even ensured there was a ceiling light and now they're on the hunt for the perfect little couches for both.

Looks like this amazing creative project is giving other people some much-needed inspiration.

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After all, you never know where your daily inspiration can come from. It could actually be from your Twitter feed. Ha, ha! I know I'm feeling inspired by this.

So how do you feel about what these ladies did?

Have you ever done anything cool like this to treat any of your pets? I gotta say I'm pretty impressed. I wish I had a spare room for my cat.