Quotes For People Who Don't Speak A Fluent 'Love Language'

Romance can be tricky. Some people know exactly what to do get cheeks blushing and hearts fluttering, while other people wouldn't know "romance" if it slapped them across the face.

Look, we're all just fumbling around on this earth trying to make a connection with someone. We shoot our shot and yeah, sometimes they miss. But sometimes they hit their target. Life be like that.

Here are some people whose idea of "romance" may not necessarily line up with mine or yours. But hey, if it works for them, then who are we to judge?

That's it, that's all it is.

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It's also saying "I'm busy tonight, how about next week?" until you both just slowly give up on this sad attempt at a love connection and just delete each other's number.

As it turns out, the future is not friendly.


Who knew this is where we would end up as a species? Sort of bleak, I will admit. But have you ever actually tried online dating? It's a nightmare.


"I'm about to take a hot bubble bath... and if you even think about trying to come into this bathroom before I'm done I will personally make the rest of your night a living hell."

We hold hands while we cross the line together.

Oh, you like to whisper sweet nothings to each other? That's cute.

Last night I told my boyfriend his breath smelled like burning garbage and he fired back at me by saying my mustache is darker than his is.

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