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Tina Fey's 8-Year-Old Daughter Interrupted Her Interview To Call Her A Loser

Kids can be a handful during the best of times, and being stuck at home all day without a school to go to or even parks to go play at is definitely not the best of times. Even celebrities are finding that their kids can be a bit much to handle — and it makes sense that a funny person like Tina Fey would have a funny kid to deal with!

Tina Fey's 8-year-old daughter Penelope is the spitting image of her mom.

It turns out they have a pretty similar personality too, if Penelope's surprise appearance in her mother's interview with Seth Meyers was anything to go by. While the (virtual) interview started off perfectly normal, Seth and Tina were soon interrupted by a little visitor.

"Please hold, there's a colonial lady coming in," Tina said, seeing Penelope somewhere off-camera.

YouTube | Late Night With Seth Meyers

"Yes, can I help you? I'm sorry, you're not making sound. What?" Tina went on to speak to Penelope before eventually moving the camera around to show her daughter in the frame — and, to be fair, her daughter was kind of dressed like a colonial lady.

"We're taping a television program right now, do you need something?" Tina asked.

YouTube | Late Night With Seth Meyers

Penelope then pulled off a pretty classic comedic move, holding her finger and her thumb up to her forehead in the shape of an "L," a time-honored way of calling someone a loser.

"You calling me a loser?" Tina asked, pointedly.

"She just called us losers!" Tina exclaimed as Penelope left the shot, giggling.

"This meant 'loyalist' in colonial times, so that's on you!" Tina joked, imitating the hand gesture. What an adorable interaction between two funny ladies! You can watch the video for yourself right here, and let us know what adorable and frustrating things your kids are doing while stuck at home in the comments!