Cuddly Succulent Pillows Are The Perfect Decor Piece For Plant Lovers

Olivia Nazarewich

Ever loved your plants so much you wish you could just cuddle them at all moments? Maybe you already do anyways! And this is a judgment-free zone, so your secret is safe with us.

Listen, you don't want to risk suffocating them, damaging their leaves, or getting dirt all over you. Cuddle this succulent pillow instead.

How cute are these succulent pillows?


They add such a nice pop of color and dimension to any room.

The pillows are around 15 inches wide and 8 inches tall when laid flat, so they'll definitely nicely fill out any empty space on your seating furniture.


They're also super comfortable, since they're stuffed with super soft microplush.

The pillows come in a warm olive green tone or a lighter sage green color, but good luck choosing. Or, why not get one of each for both sides of your couch!

Instagram | @greenphilosophyco

This is definitely a must-have decor piece for those who can't get enough of succulents.

Or plants in general, for that matter.

Rest your head on this pillow and get ready to transport yourself into plant dreamland.


If that sounds like a dream, get your own from Amazon or Green Philosophy for $37 each.

Hey, maybe you'd rather a product that had a little more love sewn into it.

Etsy | Fleeceofnature

You can find these super cute and detailed flowering succulent pillows from Etsy seller Fleeceofnature for $35 a pop.

If you're more into crafting your own home decor, there's a pattern just for you.

Etsy | RavensCrochet

Etsy seller RavensCrochet sells this succulent-inspired cushion pattern for $4.

Consider making your room into a terrarium of sorts with different succulent pillows.

Etsy | FloAndDotShop

Find this pattern from Etsy seller FloAndDotShop for $5.

You can also make one very similar to the 3D succulent pillow above.


This one from Mollie Makes magazine will take a bit more dedication and patience, but if you're up to the challenge, you can find it here.

It's pretty darn close to the one from Amazon!

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