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Robert Pattinson Refuses To Work Out Constantly For Batman: 'No One Was Doing This In The 1970s'

In a recent interview with GQ, Twilight star, Robert Pattinson, revealed that he is taking a stand against some of the body image issues that men are faced with in Hollywood, by not constantly working out in preparation for his upcoming film, The Batman.

He insists that by pushing his body to its limits for a movie role, he is sending the wrong message.

While women have been battling with societal pressures regarding body image in and out of the workplace for as long as any of us can remember, evidently, men struggle with it as well.

I can only imagine that in Hollywood, there is a ton of pressure and men and women alike to look a certain way.

But *Twilight* star, Robert Pattinson, is putting his foot down!


As you may know, Rob is the next actor to take on the prestigious role of Batman.

He had already commenced filming when, unfortunately, coronavirus brought everything to a screeching halt.

Side note: There has been A LOT of speculation about whether or not Robert Pattinson was the right fit to play Batman ever since it was announced.

But the closer and closer we get to its release, the more excited fans seems to be getting.

Which makes sense, since he's a great actor.

It was revealed last September that the plot of the film is going to be about a string of mysterious murders going on in Gotham and naturally, Batman being tasked to solve them.

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Oh, and Zoë Kravitz is going to play Batman's love interest, Catwoman.

If you can hear someone screaming, it's me. In excitement.

She debuted her pixie haircut not long afterward, and I think it's obvious that she was made for this role. Don't @ me.

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This is precisely what I imagine Catwoman looking like.

I am SO excited for this. I can't wait to see what the chemistry between them will look like.

Anyways, I digress. In the meantime, he was asked what his workout regime was going to be like in quarantine, and what he was doing to get his *Batman* body ready once filming picks up again.

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And his answer was a bit surprising! But it was something that actually really needed to be said.

While many actors like, Jason Momoa, Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Evans will practice strict diet and workout routines leading up to a movie, Robert has decided to take a very different approach.

Christian Bale, who famously played Batman in Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, gained a whopping 43 pounds while bulking up for the role.

In a nutshell, Robert is going to be doing just about the opposite of that.

And that's okay! I'm not complaining.

Gaining 43 pounds for any reason seems a tad extreme in my humble opinion. Rob is great the way he is! Good for him for taking a stand!

“I think if you’re working out all the time, you’re part of the problem,” he said, referring to his fellow actors in the industry.

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“You set a precedent,” he went on. “No one was doing this in the 1970s. Even James Dean – he wasn’t exactly ripped.”

Spilling all kinds of tea!

He recalled that back when he was filming *Twilight* he was asked to remove his shirt.

“The one time they told me to take my shirt off, I think they told me to put it back on again," he said.

I'm really hoping that didn't hurt his self-esteem.

While Batman is *Batman*, and it's hard to imagine him NOT being ridiculously chiseled, we may have to get used to the new way he will look.

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He revealed that during quarantine he got in touch with his Batman co-star, Zoë Kravitz, who has been apparently, working out five days a week.

“Literally, I’m just barely doing anything,” Robert admitted, sighing.

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But "barely doing anything" isn't doing nothing.

He has been more or less sticking to a meal plan which includes oatmeal with vanilla protein powder sprinkled on it, and tuna topped off with tabasco.

The original release date for *The Batman* was supposed to be June 25 2021.

But unfortunately, due to the current pandemic that has us all trapped in our homes, it has been pushed back a few months.

Hear those other screams? That's me in pain.

The new release date is October 1st 2021.

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Still, quite a ways to go!

Let us know what you think of Robert Pattinson's latest interview with GQ, revealing that he doesn't plan on training in preparation for The Batman in the comments below!