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People Are Making Tiny Cookies Into Cereal, And It's Basically Homemade Cookie Crisp

It's crazy to think that just a year ago, people over the age of 17 thought that youngins kept talking about the sound of clocks going viral. If you haven't clued into my bad joke, I'm obviously talking about the app TikTok, which some people, AKA my dad, still think has something to do with clocks.

It seems with every millisecond that passes, there is a new dance or recipe going viral from the app, and the latest trend catching on is tiny cookie cereal.

Pancake cereal is so yesterday, because it's all about tiny chocolate chip cookie cereal.

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According to Insider, it was actually Justin Schuble who kicked off the trend on both his TikTok and Instagram accounts.

They're actually a lot easier to make than tiny pancakes.

You just take some pre-cut packaged cookie dough, cut them into smaller chunks, roll 'em up, bake 'em, and voila!

People have also been getting creative with their mini cookies, like these colorful sprinkled cookies.

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This takes dunking cookies in milk to a whole new level.

Just throw them all in a bowl, pour milk overtop and — BAM! You have the soggy mess of your dreams!

However, there is something quite peculiar and familiar about this trend...

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If you're a millennial, or a boomer who bought cereal for their millennial, you may be a bit confused—cookie cereal, but, doesn't that already exist?

Yes, yes it does.

This concept was actually invented in 1977, quite ahead of TikTok's time.

And actually, homemade Cookie Crisp cereal has been a thing for at least four years now.

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Too bad TikTok wasn't around in 2016 for Meaghan Mountford to share her recipe!

Are we upset that homemade Cookie Crisp cereal is a thing? No. No we're not.

Would you give this new TikTok trend a try? Let us know!