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Stunning Peacock Wedding Cake Uses Cupcakes To Create Flashy Tail

Peacock feathers are absolutely mesmerizing. It's no wonder they're meant to attract female peacocks. Tbh, if a man flashed a fan of peacock feathers at me, I might actually not be single right now!

It turns out male peacock feathers also make for the perfect jaw-dropping and creative wedding cake!

Does this wedding cake cast a spell on you the way peacock feathers are meant to do?

Instagram | @malizzicakes

This clever peacock wedding cake by Pennsylvania-based Malizzi Cakes and Pastries is absolutely stunning.

A beautiful blue fondant peacock sits perched on top of a three-tiered cake, with colorful feathers that drape down into a sea of eyespot-decorated cupcakes.

Instagram | @malizzicakes

The design is actually pretty genius for guests, considering finger food desserts, like cupcakes, donuts, and cake pops, have become a hot trend for weddings.

Other bakers have also tried their hand at the awe-inspiring cake.

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This Redditor's design is actually fondant free, and they did a pretty good job, all things considered!

If you have a wedding or birthday coming up and you really want to wow your guests, definitely try to get one of these cakes ordered!

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Will you be ordering a peacock cake and cupcake spread for your next celebration?

Let us know!

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