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Step Up Your Goth Garden Game With 'Black Magic' Petunias

Normally when you think of a garden, tons of bright and bold colors may come to mind. Gardens filled with pinks, purples, reds, and yellows might just be some of your favorite things, but color isn't everyone's cup o' tea.

If you love flowers, but lean a little more to the dark side, "black magic" petunias are here to make your garden super magical.

You can create your very own black parade of petunias thanks to "black magic" petunias.

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Black magic is commonly associated with all things evil, but the only thing wicked about these flowers is that they're wicked awesome!

Am I right?


This is very exciting for those who love a witchy or goth aesthetic.

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Even Wednesday Addams would love these!

The dark petals actually create a unique dimension in your garden.

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Mix them with other flowers in planters to really make heads turn.

Your garden will basically look like Hot Topic in 2001. To some, that sounds like a nightmare, but to others, it's the aesthetic their garden has been waiting for all its life.

These flowers prove that black really does go with everything.

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