Transport Your Drinks In Style With A Retro Volkswagen Bus Cooler

I feel like everyone's dreamed of owning their own funky hippy van, or Volkswagen bus, at one point or another. They're pretty much the poster child for all things retro. These puppies are hard to find these days, not to mention a pretty expensive collector's item.

However, not all hope is lost to owning your very own, and while it may not be able to carry humans, you'll definitely be arriving in style at any BBQ.

Remember when I said you could own your own Volkswagen bus? Here it is!


Well, it's a Volkswagen bus cooler.

The red Volkswagen bus cooler is a small replica of the iconic VW T1 bus.


It's even fitted with an official Volkswagen brand hood ornament and wheels that turn for easy maneuverability on any turf.

Just check out these other specs!


It's pretty large, holding up to 30 L of whatever items need to be kept cool, and it even has a lock for sneaky beverage stealers.

You and your drinks will definitely be showing up to any affair in style.

If you just need it in your life, you can purchase it on Amazon.