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You Can Crochet The Tiniest Dragon To Keep Your Desk Ultra Adorable

Do you ever just see something so adorable that you have to have it? You don't even know what you'll do with it yet, where you'll place it so that everyone who enters your abode can marvel at its adorableness, but you just can't resist!

Desks are the perfect place to keep tiny adorable knickknacks, and until we can get back in our offices to dust off our workspace, consider making the most adorable crochet dragon your desk ever did see.

Doesn't this tiny dragon just make you let out a Janice from *Friends*: "Oh. My. G-O-D"?!

Etsy | NansyOops

It's brought to us by Etsy seller NansyOops.

The micro-sized crochet dragon stands at a mere 20 mm tall.

Etsy | NansyOops

It's not just smol, it's smol-smol.

You might be asking, "How on earth can someone make something so small by hand?"

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Here's the secret.

To achieve this tiny size, you'll need to use embroidery floss.

Yep, you don't need to use yarn!

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But if you do, it'll just end up a bit bigger.

The good news is that you can make however many you want all for yourself!

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And for anyone who may appreciate it just as much as you do.

That means you can customize the dragon with whatever colors are your favorite!

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Or, you can make a bunch in different colors to really make your desk pop.

You might be surprised to know it takes around 13 different items to create such a tiny thing.

Etsy | NansyOops

But the end result is so worth it.

Find the pattern here for $10.