Light Up Your Night Swim With Colorful LED Swan Pool Floats

It may be as cold as fresh frozen h-e-double hockey sticks right now, but the calendar doesn't lie—it is May 11, which means summer is just around the corner. I know the days sort of all gel together to create one giant aspic-like mess from a '70s dinner party, but soon enough, it will be time to get the pool floats out, if you're lucky enough to own a pool.

While many of us will just be twiddling our thumbs out on our apartment balconies or backyard patios, batting away murder hornets, you can be out in your pool chilling and looking oh-so cool in colorful swan floats.

There are many amazing giant pool floats out there, and this light-up swan float is certainly no exception.


The swan pool float by Swimline Giant is powered with LED battery lights.

During your daytime pool hangs, you can enjoy floating on a majestic giant white swan.


At night, you can enjoy seeing your swan glow in 7 different colors, including white, red, green, yellow, fuchsia, light blue, and dark blue.

On top of the lineup of colors, the lights have four different effects to suit your mood: solid, strobe, flash, and pulse.


Your swan will definitely be the life of the pool party!

The float can also fit up to two adults, that is if you're willing to share the limelight.


Find the colorful swan float from Amazon for $92, or Walmart for $60.

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