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Clever Keychain Keeps Your Hands Germ-Free When You're Out In Public

It's never been more crucial to keep your hands clean. That becomes a little difficult when you're out in public — there's a lot of surfaces you have to touch.

Never fear, for this silicone keychain is here to save the day. Goodbye, germs.

It's pretty unassuming looking.


It's called the Gryp, and it's a big game-changer. It's a cylindrical piece of silicone attached to a key ring. It comes in seven colors, including the bright orange you see here.

It has more uses than you think it does.


Look at those dirty keys. No thank you! The Gryp saves you from touching dirty buttons at the gas station, bank, or even checking out at the grocery store.

You can flip it inside out, too.


It's easy to clean, too, since it's silicone! It's also super germ resistant. It's resistant to most things, actually. You know how silicone is!

I would be thrilled to never touch another crosswalk button again.

You can get a four-pack on Amazon.

Etsy | GrypKeychain

Which you can pick up right here. However, if you want to try just one out, you can get one on Etsy. They also have a larger color selection there, too.